Roel Dagevos

born in Arnhem and living in Ede. He holds a bachelor degree in Information Technology.

Roel is at his best when he can work on a large number of activities at the same time, in a lively social environment. He is an energetic and persistent person with a high working rhythm. He is analytical and sharp-minded with a focus on success, he takes pride in achieving goals.

Roel excels in working with a group of people, on the basis of mutual respect and trust. He is socially involved, friendly and inspiring, but demanding at the same time. He has affinity with finance, industry and IT services. He is at his best when he can improvise, when there is room and space. He is not very good in a socially dependent role.

Roel relaxes when he is with his family and friends, likes to read, watch movies and listen to music. He plays squash and spends time in the gym. Roel draws inspiration from other people, their view on life, their achievements, ideas, beliefs and insights. 

Mobile: +31 655 886 622