Jeanette Balm

born Watergeus and lives in The Hague. She holds a bachelor degree in business economics.


Jeanette is at her best when going from strategy into action and realizing impact. As a teamplayer she excels in managing ambitious programs and realizing lasting change in organizations. 
She has affinity with quite a number of sectors, i.e. telecom, semiconductors, oil/ chemical and her business experience lies in accounting and controlling. With that broad experience and financial knowledge she quickly adapts in any sector undergoing major change. 
Jeanette relaxes when she’s around with her family and friends, listening to music and she gains extra energy with tai chi, tango, biking, ice skating or exploring the world. She draws inspiration from the following statements of Barack Obama: “Change can happen. Yes we can.”, “I am asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to bring about real change… I’m asking you to believe in yours.”.
Mobile: +31 651 255 321