Is it real or is it fake?
Our world becomes more global, more virtual and by that very nature less transparent. Yet we crave for the real thing. What is authentic and why or why not? With pleasure we introduce Conny Dorrestijn to share some footprints with us on this highly interesting and topical subject.

Conny Dorrestijn is the founder of
Shiraz Partners. Over the past years, she has been working on international assignments with Joe Pine, the co-author of the The Experience Economy and more recently: Authenticity – what customers really want. In this light she teamed up with the European Centre for the Experience Economy to study the views of Dutch consumers on Authenticity in general and in the financial sector in particular. The study was executed by Motivaction under 1,800 respondents, applying the Mentality model.

Authenticity and finance – Do you know who you do business with? Recent research on Authenticity in finance in the eyes of the Dutch consumer showed very clearly that in terms of authenticity people look for 1. Trust (mainly supplied by the system as a whole, not one separate player) and 2. Being able to recognize the bank or insurance company they do business with. Do you?

In my opinion the latter disappears fast and furiously. The first reason is branding, people do hardly every recognize the company behind the (mainly) insurance brand and secondly, M&A activity. You bank with ABN AMRO one day and before you know it you carry a Fortis pass. You buy insurance at your bank, only to find you end up in an unknown call center of an insurance player when you have a claim. Authenticity? It is what it is. It is what it says it is....?
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Is it real or is it fake?
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