in partnering

For Future Footprints professionals working in a knowledge driven networked environment is a given; it comes naturally. This implies that reaching out to others outside the company who have knowledge or experience where you don’t, is seen as a win-win, not as defeat.

Because all partners have a track record across many years, regions and industries, we have a vast network. What is different however is that we stay in touch and therefore have a live network; up and running 24 hours a day around the world. We can call upon our network colleagues without need for broad introductions. We know how we work, we understand each others strengths and weaknesses and therefore we can quickly connect for the benefit of our clients and their projects.
Some key professionals in our extended network:

  • Shiraz partners – business development, marketing, communications in international financial services and financial technology.

“The empires of the future
are the empires of the mind”