Embracing the future is key to success in business today. Every step we take is an imprint for the future. What happened in the past cannot be changed, but it sketches the landscape we operate in today. We learn from it and use it to move forward. Our energy, focus and drive of a business is forward looking, to help build your future success today.

Future Footprints is a network of seasoned professionals in the art of strategy implementation. Some of us have more affinity with strategy, others more with implementation, but we all subscribe to the full circle: from strategy into action through realize with impact towards operate for excellence. 

Old enough to see through, 
young enough to break through.
...an international producer, trader and marketer of agricultural and bio-energy products and services. 
 ...mail and parcel delivery in the Benelux region as wll as the UK, Germany and Italy
Future Footprints as a new partner.
Is it real or is it fake?


"The farther backward you can look,
the farther forward you are likely to see."